No Hooks Without Clause ft Anthony Paul




Never sit and dwell on what ifs,
Spiritual guides, past experiences
Fake wisdoms or myfs
We can only really tell if its it
If we sit and take the time
To just chat while with sift
Through all this educations a gift
No matter how hard
Or a-miss it might hit
Being Honest with your heart is it bliss?
Dividing part your art and your mind
With your passions a risk
This one is for the flowers that Got lost in the wind,
And all the Ferris wheels that remain unspinned,
All the sacrificials with their lifestyle pinned
And those that have the skill to sit back n just Grinnn- as
The world keeps turnin, we all keep learnin
and we all just strive to get by
The back starts achin, the mind starts fakin
and the result just ends with a y
But if a party was the answer, This Gemini or cancer,
cant support with the blues or a meme
Hopin little message will survive the heisted blessed
and land in a groove in the stream
We went from door to door,
For your “Just to make sure,“
Raising your support
And making up the tour - of
This beautiful world
Burdened with the mistreat
Creation is a mystery
But passions like “I breathe” to me
“Hit me up,”
They ask but you don’t dare
Sayin is one thing but doings over there
cautious; we reply “ask me when I’m free”
A nod to the lady who grew up on your street
Every undeserved who ended deep 6 feet
It’s a pity that your city will try n take what you keep
Blindly making vestments with your phone on bleep
I guess,
We ought to be involved in each other’s lives less
So we can have more to catch up about to survive stress
Yo this a Divine breast, comfortable warming and full of zest
its hard to get these lemons off-chest, I
Personally don’t pick, or-shared which avoid pride
I used to write my feelings jokes & thoughts inside
Before i piled them on you, Like - Decide eh
Cautious be wasted words on the updates
But a lot is happening as of late
Things are really changing and we’re in a different place
Merely making memories just to use is a fake
Back in my pocket you go
Sittin nicely between the Half beat,
My heart beats,
I feel tight chested from the unimaginable
The series of events are intangible,
Although It all makes sense with the narrative,
The perfect ending is unclear,
Round in a loop with this huns fear
There’s cunts here, B-Jon D-Trum
They causin mums tear
“I feel like I should just grab a glass of rum” year
But this a bum tier;
My gums chapped,
My minds trapped
Burnin off this essence is a fun gap
I wonder if this tempo could be a dumb trap


released March 13, 2020


all rights reserved



JACK WOLFF Nottingham, UK


Keys / Drums
Bass / Guitar

Featured on KPFK, Jazz FM, along with Spotify’s Jazz UK Playlist.

Over a decade of experience performing, producing and self-publishing music.

Engineering / Edits and Song Writing,

Enquiries Contact:

East Midlands Funk
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